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All Things Change

Riding the wave of the fresh new year, we are suddenly three weeks into January, and there appears to be a headwind of rapid change. The sun is already in Aquarius, and even Pluto has entered Aquarius after many years, stirring up already volatile global situations. The past year of the Water Rabbit, in Chinese …

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Visualize Joy

This Christmas season I am using my little cottage home as a vision for messages to the universe. I have mulltiple nativity scenes, angels of all shapes and sizes, assorted antique ornaments sitting on the shelf. A big Santa Claus carrying toys and a little Santa sitting in meditation. Some lovely gifted LED candles that …

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Simply giving thanks

In these days of changes, shifts, conflicts, confusion, division, and all that we find heartbreaking, may we defend a more loving world by simply giving thanks. A kind word or gesture, a healing breath, an act of service. A gathering together, a reaching out, a quiet peaceful heart. An understanding of the divinity within and …

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The divine creative life force

My apricot begonia pictured here was literally weighted down with blossoms during our warm and rainy summer. Now inside, only small pale petals are appearing. Finally researching the name, I’ve discovered that begonia means hope of life or renewal. I was led to ponder why I was receiving this joyful spring-like message as the sun …

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Small is mighty

After I took this early morning sunrise picture last week, skies turned brilliant blue and leaves were still burnished gold. Little did I know when I took the shot that a bird was sitting on the tree branch. This week we’re greeted with grey skies and snow approaching. Although small from a distance, the image …

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2023: a year of surprises, shifts, change of focus and a local earthquake. And as spring arose, tumbling, reshifting and refocusing. The journey continues. Some days I have entered a secret garden and am comforted and delighted by what I am finding. Other days old habits and ways of being are unraveling and leading me …

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