Visualize Joy

This Christmas season I am using my little cottage home as a vision for messages to the universe. I have mulltiple nativity scenes, angels of all shapes and sizes, assorted antique ornaments sitting on the shelf. A big Santa Claus carrying toys and a little Santa sitting in meditation. Some lovely gifted LED candles that even include a remote (sometimes I love technology). Then finally I put Joy next to the globe and sometimes I start singing. Next to the globe is Ganesha, the Hindu god who is famous for removing obstacles. He has a lot of work to do right now, but is nevertheless dancing.

When it’s so very dark at night and the candles on the windowsill are burning, I visualize sending my message of the divine child within us all out across the alley, down the street and around the globe. All news and losses of life to the contrary, there remains a place in our hearts where Joy is alive. Some days it is difficult to contact but the connections between us all strengthen that bright everlasting flame in our hearts.

Keep your spirits bright!

4 thoughts on “Visualize Joy”

  1. Good to hear, Len. He’s all over my house and by my front door! I also have oracle cards dedicated to him and occasionally get messages. Overcoming obstacles is also a key factor in my coaching practice.

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