Time is standing still, time is flying

This was one of my first photos when I began my small Blue Heaven photography business, taken on Thanksgiving Day by the Yellowstone over 20 years ago. Now as the holiday season approaches again, I find myself both coming and going, if you know what I mean. Once I engage in preparations for events, it’s as if the celebration is over before I can get started. On the other hand, I’m re-connecting with people I haven’t seen for years and it’s as if time is standing still.

I’ve heard others mentioning a time warp. Friends’ little kids are suddenly 45 years old and have grown kids of their own. Grown up kids are moving back in with mom and dad, way past the pandemic reason for doing so. I am working on winding up spirals of my own history and walking into a world sometimes divinely connected and occasionally barely understandable.

The mystery appears to be deepening. Staying in the present is also taking on a different meaning. Often I have to stay grounded by doing the laundry. Is all this because I passed another birthday or am I preaching to the choir? I think I’ll focus on expanding my heart!

2 thoughts on “Time is standing still, time is flying”

  1. its about becoming cosmic…i think. ‘They’ say there is no such thing as time nor space. Well, how do we get to experience that? dare i ask. Being…not coming, not going, but. by BEING .

    you bring up the best thoughts to contemplate, Susan. Thank you..

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