The Obstacle is the Way

This happy Buddha has been with me for years. He has everything he needs in his over-the-shoulder sack and is adorned with gems and prayer beads. He is surrounded by coins of the realm and relics of spiritual significance. Mostly I love his expression of joy in action.

In a recent discussion, I was reminded of the patterns I have discovered during my coaching practice, specifically that in order to move from here to there, accomplish your goals or step up higher, obstacles are most often encountered. Be they small or large, emotional or physical, they have a tendency to stop us in our tracks. Often coaching sessions focus on problem solving and taking one step at a time unraveling knotty issues until the next step can be taken.

As a coach, it’s often easy to understand the pattern in others, harder to look in the mirror and see it for myself. Avoiding the issue is so easy to do! However, I was reminded that not only is an obstacle a problem to be solved, the obstacle itself is the way, the teacher, the method. When the prayer or the call is to come up higher, the inner fire must be tended and intensified. We are reminded of our greater purpose and our responsibility to express our divine identity.

And then in gratitude, we are able to navigate the way of overcoming joyfully!

2 thoughts on “The Obstacle is the Way”

  1. 🌿💗🌿 Love your Happy Jolly Buddha Susan! Thank you.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the writing on his necklace piece and in the bowl speaks to …..
    Inner Balance ☯️

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