All Things Change

Riding the wave of the fresh new year, we are suddenly three weeks into January, and there appears to be a headwind of rapid change. The sun is already in Aquarius, and even Pluto has entered Aquarius after many years, stirring up already volatile global situations. The past year of the Water Rabbit, in Chinese Astrology, is heading swiftly towards the arrival of the Wood Dragon. And despite our generally warm, dry winter, we were treated to almost a week of below zero temperatures night and day here in Montana. Now it’s unseasonably warm again. January thaw or El Nino?

One thing about change is that resistance to it doesn’t help at all. Realizing that change is actually the mourning of loss – whether it be a friend, a favorite product no longer being made, changes in schedules, or even a whole set of beliefs – none of these is a good focus for co-creating. I’ve put lively grocery store flowers on my work table (which have lasted almost two weeks), rearranged all the book on the bookshelves (they were getting stuck in their positions), and created a joyful collage for my 2024 journal. Small steps. It’s not been as easy a transistion as I forecast, but I remain hopeful. Leveraging the outer chaos depends on a revitalized focus on courage, beauty and the divine creative life force which sustains, inspires, heals and opens our hearts.

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