Unconditional Love

There is no doubt that we have genuinely entered the Age of Aquarius, previewed as early as the sixties. Now it has become clear that this is the Age of the Divine Mother. We are being asked to take on the responsibility of deepening our understanding of love, putting love into action and living with the constant knowledge that love is the key. This is really the only viable answer to the hatred, division, lack of trust, volatility, war and disregard for human decency.

We are asked to consider just what unconditional really means. Consider the love of a mother for a child, the strength of the bonds between true family and friends, the compassion for a stranger, the willingness to be of service. We readily recognize this kind of love when we see it or experience it. It’s a no-holds-barred situation, no restrictions whatsoever. And then recognizing that outgoing radiation of the divine and also directing it within – we need to love and care for ourselves unconditionally, even while we continue our upward striving.

Unconditional love is not just romantic attachment, it is not clinging to false ideas or ideals, it is not obsessive or possessive. It is empowering ourselves with the Christic light within. It is living the golden rule, believing in the beauty and strength of our own souls and allowing others to live their best lives. Love in action is a dynamic unparalleled, and we experience the empowerment when we offer the greatest generosity of our hearts both to others and to ourselves.

May the world begin to spin to the magnificant rhythm of unconditional love.

2 thoughts on “Unconditional Love”

  1. So timely, so true, so encouraging. Love is powerful and very needed. Thank you for the reminder and for expressing it so well. 💜

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