Small is mighty

After I took this early morning sunrise picture last week, skies turned brilliant blue and leaves were still burnished gold. Little did I know when I took the shot that a bird was sitting on the tree branch. This week we’re greeted with grey skies and snow approaching. Although small from a distance, the image of that bird keeps reappearing in my mind and inner sight reminding me of the glory of the universe in all times and all kinds of weather.

Sometimes we’re seeking out the big reminders, capital letter messages from heaven or elsewhere which will make the major changes we deem necessary. But often, it’s the small consistent reminders that we are on the right path, that patience is needed and to just keep on moving. Sometimes it’s step by step, even two steps forward and one back, sometimes it’s only the challenging upward trek. And sometimes it’s a dance with the divine!

I am grateful under today’s storm-approaching skies for that little bird.

6 thoughts on “Small is mighty”

  1. we are grateful for that little bird….and the song he still sings….like you….you reappear every so often with more tales to tell, more wisdom to share…a smile sweet as can be…..glad you are sharing again….🙋🏻‍♀️

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