The divine creative life force

My apricot begonia pictured here was literally weighted down with blossoms during our warm and rainy summer. Now inside, only small pale petals are appearing. Finally researching the name, I’ve discovered that begonia means hope of life or renewal. I was led to ponder why I was receiving this joyful spring-like message as the sun is low in the sky and the season turns once again to the darker time of the year.

In the spirit of embracing two seemingly contradictory things at once, I’ve also been meditating on a quote from a favorite Himalayan sage where he names the divine creative life force. What better time than the upcoming holiday season to focus on the Christic light emerging from within. The life force is not only strong and radiant, but by being creative it also heals and stands warrior-like against all that opposes its unfolding.

Despite a seeming onslaught of news, shifts and uncertainties, as we gather together may we experience a heartwarming renewal of our spirits as we embark on the closing chapters of 2023.

2 thoughts on “The divine creative life force”

  1. ⚜️Namaste Dear Susan⚜️
    Beautiful message to read this morning. Thank you.
    💞The turning of the seasons~I’ve been contemplating the turning of the consciousness of humanity higher toward the Light. Time has come to honor the Divine Creative Life Force within, within each other, and in all sentient life and it is happening🌿💞
    I AM Grateful.

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