All Things Change

Riding the wave of the fresh new year, we are suddenly three weeks into January, and there appears to be a headwind of rapid change. The sun is already in Aquarius, and even Pluto has entered Aquarius after many years, stirring up already volatile global situations. The past year of the Water Rabbit, in Chinese …

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Visualize Joy

This Christmas season I am using my little cottage home as a vision for messages to the universe. I have mulltiple nativity scenes, angels of all shapes and sizes, assorted antique ornaments sitting on the shelf. A big Santa Claus carrying toys and a little Santa sitting in meditation. Some lovely gifted LED candles that …

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The divine creative life force

My apricot begonia pictured here was literally weighted down with blossoms during our warm and rainy summer. Now inside, only small pale petals are appearing. Finally researching the name, I’ve discovered that begonia means hope of life or renewal. I was led to ponder why I was receiving this joyful spring-like message as the sun …

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Cutting the Gordian Knot

In ancient Greek legend, a complex knot tied an oxcart in place near the palace of former kings. The Phrygians were at the time without a king and an oracle declared that any man who could unravel the elaborate knots would be destined to become the ruler of all of Asia. In 333 BC Alexander …

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Free to Create

The events on the screen of life often feel quite dramatic for most of us. I remember a day which was a multi-layered event for me. Along with an historic Supreme Court decision, a former friend and coaching client of mine landed up in the hospital, a piece of mail had some very surprising news …

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