About Susan Harrow

While traveling around the world and across the country and back, challenges and experiences met me everywhere. Gradually life’s deeper meaning became the destination of my travels. I discovered that my own life lessons and perspective could be of benefit to others, leading me to my Blog and my recent years Life Coaching.

While attending a seminar for coaches and holistic practitioners, we were assigned to create a pictorial representation including all the jobs we had done, all our gifts and skills and our most important life events. Putting it together on one big page was eye-opening! From waiting on tables to author and editor, from restaurant manager to photographer and creativity advocate, from mental health work to oracle cards, feng shui and vision boarding, from care for children and families to entrepreneur….whew! I still refer to that big page for inspiration.

I like to juggle both the profound and the mundane. Wisdom teachings from around the world have deepened my everyday experiences and enlivened my understanding. The big skies of Montana have created a fitting backdrop for my vision of drawing the spiritual realms down to earth. When I first began my photography business in 1998, I named it Blue Heaven with those thoughts in mind.

Life’s pathway is sometimes steady but is also often uncertain and challenging. I am in hopes that you will join me for stories, insights, heavenly winks and encouraging visions.

Life Coaching with Susan

Working with others to discover spirited solutions to everyday problems is both exciting and rewarding. Along the way, inner wisdom is activated and worthiness and courage are reignited. Setting sail for new goals and visions is usually accompanied by obstacles, knotty problems, detours and even changing course. All these challenges can evolve into opportunities as old habits and perspectives are left behind, to be replaced with determination and a clear plan of action. It’s a creative and collaborative process which assists you to manifest your dreams and visions. As an intuitive guide, I am present to cheer you on your journey and help you celebrate your victories, large and small.

As I trained and practiced for my years as a Coach, I realized that our hearts tend to need support when they start beating to the rhythm of a transformed and revitalized life. I call my practice HeartSupport Life Coaching for that reason. A young computer savvy friend once told me, “Oh it’s like tech support, only it’s heart support.”

I offer Coaching Sessions on an hourly basis, scheduled in advance so we are both invested in the time commitment. The focus is personalized to you and your needs, whether it be heartbreak, career change, health or family problems or simply reinvigorating your life.

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