Visions of Blue Heaven

Having named my photography business Blue Heaven years ago, I thought it only reflected the big Montana sky. However, it’s become a trail of seeking spirit and redefining my relationship to my own divine essence, and that of others. It’s a vision of a new world, perhaps known as the Aquarian age, that we are seeking, reaching for and catching glimpses of as we tread the mountain path. It’s the place where we increase our faith and belief in all things possible.

  • Unconditional Love

    There is no doubt that we have genuinely entered the Age of Aquarius, previewed as early as the sixties. Now it has become clear that this is the Age of the Divine Mother. We are being asked to take on the responsibility of deepening our understanding of love, putting love into action and living with…

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  • The Christmas Star

    As Solstice dawns and we look towards the heavens, the star of divinity shines bright. Nights may be dark but we are reminded of the flame within our hearts guiding us onward. Doing a take off on Rumi, I say the Star we are seeking is also seeking us. The Christic light which is symbolized…

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  • Time is standing still, time is flying

    This was one of my first photos when I began my small Blue Heaven photography business, taken on Thanksgiving Day by the Yellowstone over 20 years ago. Now as the holiday season approaches again, I find myself both coming and going, if you know what I mean. Once I engage in preparations for events, it’s…

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