Insights & Wisdom

Often we understand more deeply just by listening. Often the seemingly simple situation or conversation ignites the flame of our own inner wisdom. The universe is full of messages when we take the time to reflect and put the clues together. Sometimes it’s like following a trail of breadcrumbs. Sometimes we need to be spiritual detectives. There’s music in the sun and the wind and your own intuitive heartstrings. We are always explorers on the path of discovery.

  • The Obstacle is the Way

    This happy Buddha has been with me for years. He has everything he needs in his over-the-shoulder sack and is adorned with gems and prayer beads. He is surrounded by coins of the realm and relics of spiritual significance. Mostly I love his expression of joy in action. In a recent discussion, I was reminded…

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  • Unconditional Love

    There is no doubt that we have genuinely entered the Age of Aquarius, previewed as early as the sixties. Now it has become clear that this is the Age of the Divine Mother. We are being asked to take on the responsibility of deepening our understanding of love, putting love into action and living with…

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  • All Things Change

    Riding the wave of the fresh new year, we are suddenly three weeks into January, and there appears to be a headwind of rapid change. The sun is already in Aquarius, and even Pluto has entered Aquarius after many years, stirring up already volatile global situations. The past year of the Water Rabbit, in Chinese…

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