Free to Create

The events on the screen of life often feel quite dramatic for most of us. I remember a day which was a multi-layered event for me. Along with an historic Supreme Court decision, a former friend and coaching client of mine landed up in the hospital, a piece of mail had some very surprising news and it was the personal anniversary of a very meaningful event in my life.

After recovering from the emotional impact, I also determined to return to my early morning walking. The weather was finally agreeable and the early mornings still cool. Walking allowed me to come to a number of conclusions but mostly that we are all free to create our own lives.

We are free to express ourselves, we are free to state our opinions, we are free to create art and good works, and we are free to serve one another. We are free to establish boundaries around our lives and stand for what we believe in. We are free to engage and we are free to withdraw. We are free to be artists or mystics or run a business. We are free to create leverage as a balance to the many issues before us.

I am well aware that decisions seemingly out of our control are affecting almost everyone. Whether it be the price of gas and groceries or new laws that appear to change the course of history. We still have choices and we still have freedom – to be who we are and who we want to be, to create lives that match our true identities, to fly our flags and celebrate.

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