Birds and Bunnies, Deer and Chickens

Nature has a delightful way of sending us messages. On a cheery Saint Patrick’s Day morning, I had a visit from a big robin. He sat on the fence outside my house about ten feet away and seemed quite intent on telling me something. A friend arrived, opening and closing her car doors, and he still stood like a statue. We both greeted him, realizing he heralded the joy of spring.

Bunnies have been following me around, or maybe I’ve been looking for them, since my childhood. But lately they scamper around, peek in my screen door, and sometimes pose for pictures. Since bunnies are a symbol for creativity, at least in my book, I always take their reminders to heart, knowing that creativity in so many forms is uplifting and healing.

Deer wander around my neighborhood, sometimes eating my pansy blossoms or my lovely begonia. Hmpf! Even though they are peaceful animals, there are seasons of the year when they are especially hungry. I’m learning to be at peace myself with this rhythm of nature, despite my missing flowers. There’s a long story for another time about when my neighbor’s chicken kept flying over the fence and making some very noisy and disrupting visits.

I am always reminded by such visits to stop and check on the message being sent. Since there really are no accidents or coincidences, I know that the universe is busy sending me needed information and I need to listen. I am also reminded of some sage advice: If the messenger be an ant, heed him!

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