Shifting Realities

As realities shift day to day and season to season, I am reminded once again of the old Sufi story which I am sure I have mentioned before:

A farmer led a fairly pleasant life but became tired of being so poor. He decided to buy a horse and hopefully learn to train him and other horses. Upon finally having a bucking stallion in his small corral, his neighbors expressed great joy and admiration for his achievement and perhaps jealously predicted his income would increase. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Good thing, bad thing, who knows?” As he and his son worked to train the rambunctious horse, his son was kicked in the shins and his leg was broken. Now the neighbors bemoaned the farmer’s fate and doubted he could ever succeed, and he said, “Good thing, bad thing, who knows?” Next the king of the empire declared war and conscripted all the young men to military service. Families all around were crying for the loss of their sons and saw with some resentment that the son of the farmer was exempted for his broken leg. Once again the farmer said, “Good thing, bad thing, who knows.” And as time went on his stallion attracted a herd of wild horses leading to great riches for the farmer. And the farmer said, …..

This is my version of a never-ending story. As time and reality attempt to shift us back and forth, speed ahead and slow us into the present, lead us to conclusions and then have them shattered completely, just what is it that we hold on to?  As we navigate multiple realities, our hearts know no judgment and understand what is real. We can be here in the present and at once everywhere in consciousness and at peace in the universe within.

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