Bringing heaven to earth

When I first started my fledgling small business for photography and various other services about 10 years ago, I decided to name it Blue Heaven. The name embraced all I felt about the big beautiful skies and wide open spaces of Montana. I also remembered the old standard My Blue Heaven from somewhere in my youth, a lovely little song. On my first website page I said:  Blue Heaven is a place in Montana and is also a place in my heart where we can meet, connect, create and live jubilantly in the spirit. Still true.

I feel it is my duty, and perhaps yours, to help bring more of heaven onto the earth. There are so many ways, be it photography, writing, compassionate care for children and the elderly, painting, meditation, coaching, gardening, yoga, prayer – the list is long. If we go about our callings with divine co-creation in mind, we can provide a counter balance to all that we are seeing on the endless newsreel, and lighten the lives of those we contact.

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