Everyday Winks

There are often reminders that angels are at play and cosmic jokes are taking place. Whether it be pennies or feathers or seeming coincidences, the delightful spirit of the universe is much closer to us than we think. It finds us through license plates, a song on the radio or an overheard conversation. We need only keep eyes, ears and hearts open to the messages. And then when we get that aha! feeling, it’s time to rejoice and celebrate.

  • Small is mighty

    After I took this early morning sunrise picture last week, skies turned brilliant blue and leaves were still burnished gold. Little did I know when I took the shot that a bird was sitting on the tree branch. This week we’re greeted with grey skies and snow approaching. Although small from a distance, the image…

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  • Birds and Bunnies, Deer and Chickens

    Nature has a delightful way of sending us messages. On a cheery Saint Patrick’s Day morning, I had a visit from a big robin. He sat on the fence outside my house about ten feet away and seemed quite intent on telling me something. A friend arrived, opening and closing her car doors, and he…

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  • Getting a Raise

    Many of us find pennies in our pathways – shiny or old, in the parking lot or on the sidewalk, or any number of odd places. I always interpret them to mean I am on the right track. Then a friend of mine reported to me that she had found a quarter and rightly interpreted…

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